# Nama Artis Judul Lagu Album Durasi Download
0 Toxic Holocaust Time To Die Hell on Earth 01:38 Download
1 Electric Wizard Time To Die Time To Die 07:47 Download
2 Lizzy Borden (Wake Up) Time To Die The Murderess Metal Road Show 06:11 Download
3 Virgins O.R Pigeons Time to Die Bleed to Lead - EP 04:18 Download
4 Thy Majestie Time to Die Jeanne d'Arc 04:48 Download
5 Warlock with Doro Pesch Time To Die Live From London 04:33 Download
6 Warlock Time To Die Hellbound 04:28 Download
7 xiescive Time to Die Provocateur 04:27 Download
8 Jon Oliva's Pain Time to Die 20 Years - Metal Addiction 04:25 Download
9 Electric Wizard Funeral Of Your Mind Time To Die 07:06 Download
10 The Dodos Small Deaths Time To Die 05:19 Download
11 The Dodos The Strums Time To Die 04:47 Download
12 The Dodos Fables Time To Die 04:18 Download
13 Electric Wizard Destroy Those Who Love God Time To Die 03:13 Download
14 Electric Wizard Saturn Dethroned Time To Die 03:08 Download
15 Jon Oliva`s Pain Time To Die Maniacal Renderings 04:23 Download
16 Gary Numan Time to Die Disconnection 04:17 Download
17 Venom Inc. Time to Die Avé 04:05 Download
18 Gary Numan Time to Die (Live) Disconnection 04:14 Download
19 Equinox Time to Die The Absurdity of Hate 03:55 Download
20 The Dodos A Time To Die Time To Die 06:16 Download
21 Electric Wizard I Am Nothing Time To Die 11:31 Download
22 Electric Wizard Incense For The Damned Time To Die 10:42 Download
23 Electric Wizard We Love The Dead Time To Die 09:05 Download
24 Electric Wizard Lucifer's Slaves Time To Die 08:40 Download
25 The Dodos Troll Nacht Time To Die 06:23 Download
26 The Stranglers Time To Die Stranglers In The Night 03:50 Download
27 Teenage Time Killers Time to Die (feat. Reed Mullin) Greatest Hits Vol. 1 01:42 Download