# Nama Artis Judul Lagu Album Durasi Download
0 Plaza People Rise Up Addicted to Street Workout Hits Workout Compilation 07:32 Download
1 Chris Brogan Rise Up Rise Up 03:29 Download
2 Santino Agrillo Rise Up Rise Up 06:36 Download
3 Kenny Chesney Rise Up Rise Up 04:14 Download
4 Andra Day Rise Up Rise Up 04:13 Download
5 Tamar Davis Rise Up Rise Up 03:42 Download
6 Third Ear Rise Up Rise Up 03:33 Download
7 Pastor Troy Rise Up Rise Up 03:27 Download
8 Giving My Best Sekarang Waktunya Rise Up 07:27 Download
9 Giving My Best Lord I Surrender Rise Up 07:23 Download
10 Giving My Best In You Rise Up 06:08 Download
11 Giving My Best Allah Yang Berperang Rise Up 05:44 Download
12 Giving My Best Center Of My Joy Rise Up 05:36 Download
13 Wet Rise Up Rise Up 03:21 Download
14 Ben lee Rise Up The Rebirth of Venus 04:25 Download
15 Yves Larock Rise Up Ministry Of Sound - Ibiza Annual 2007 03:45 Download
16 Freaky Fortune Rise Up Eurovision Song Contest 2014 Copenhagen 03:04 Download
17 Righteous Rise Up Rise 03:37 Download
18 Giving My Best Allah Bangkit Rise Up 05:29 Download
19 Giving My Best Jadikan Aku Indah Rise Up 05:25 Download
20 Giving My Best Yesus Tuhan, Kaulah Tuhan Rise Up 05:23 Download
21 Giving My Best Mereka Perlukan Kasih Tuhan Rise Up 05:22 Download
22 Giving My Best Ku Beri Yang Terbaik Rise Up 02:24 Download
23 Cypress Hill Rise Up (feat. Tom Morello) Rise Up 03:50 Download
24 R. Kelly Rise Up (Digital Single Version) Rise Up 03:29 Download
25 Joyous Celebration Rise Up Joyous Celebration 21: Heal Our Land (Live) 07:13 Download
26 Third Day Rise Up Wherever You Are 06:04 Download
27 George Duke Rise Up Night After Night 05:33 Download